About Me

After I proposed to my wife back in December 2017, my wife and I were fortunate to have booked our venue because of a last-minute cancellation. With less than 5 months from when we booked to the big day, we (especially my wife) hastily got to work to plan out all the important details of our wedding day,  which included many hours on pinterest and instagram looking for inspiration.

One of the most important things she wanted was a beautiful wedding arch for our ceremony. Because we could not find one to rent (and the few online were expensive, flimsy-looking, and/or bulky), I took it upon my duty as her future husband to build and create an arch. I like working with my hands as a hobby, and care about the environment, so I sourced some recycled scrap tubular steel at the local scrapyard and got to work with cutting, welding, sanding, drilling, and painting to create my arch.

Our big day came, and I won’t forget the smile on my wife’s face when she saw the arch adorned with flowers. We both even had a bigger smile when we saw how much our guests admired it, since there was even a line to take pictures with it after our ceremony during cocktail hour!

A few days after our wedding, a good friend of mine shared her photos of the arch with a co-worker who had also been looking for a circular arch. Her friend asked if she could borrow it, and and I happily agreed to help. When her big day finally came, I started to bring in all the pieces to the ceremony site. The florist saw me carrying all the pieces of the arch and asked, “are you the arch guy?” My response was, “well…yes I am!” and since then, the name has stuck with me.